College Packing Up Is Hard To Do!

Well we’ve known MD would be staying on campus at least her first year of college for sometime now, but no one said how CRAZY the process actually was!

I know enough about planning to know that pre-planning is the key to success!  Last year, about the same we started looking at colleges I started the dorm planning process!  I read thru ALL of the college packing lists and created my own list.  I then took the list to the website and created a college registery, not just for people to shop from, but for me to know how much things actually cost.  Let’s just say the total cost to live on campus is as shocking as the cost of college!  Here’s a few ideas I have on college dorm purchases.

1. Make lists with your student as early as you can. Trust me they won’t want anything to do with this planning as a junior in high school and even less as a senior so the sooner you start looking at what they truly need for their dorm the easier it is to start hoarding!

2. A College Registry is perfect wishlist for Christmas and birthday presents!  Send the link to Grandma and family so she can buy the things student will need now instead of another bag of underwear (unless that’s on your list!)

3. Space – designate a spot in the basement or garage (not in the student’s room) to keep all this stuff that’s soon to start piling up somewhere.  I don’t recommend the student’s room cuz you don’t want them to take anything out now and not have it then or misplace anything in their mess of a room.

4. Sickness happens! Most college students get some type of sickness the first month on campus – dormer or not.  Oh you can’t be there to keep sickness away, but you can pack a wellness wagon box that has everything from cold to allergy to cough drops to ice packs to thermometers inside. While you’re at Target or CVS picking up your usual meds grab another box for the kit!  Make sure it has its own box separate from other hygiene items.

5. School supplies – one of the best grad gift MD got was a huge bag of school supplies! As simple as it seems it saved her about $100!  When school supplies go on sale pick up another set and put it in a box! Granted she might not use some of these supplies but at least she has a stapler, pencils, ruler, calculator, sticky notes, glue stick, etc.

6. Save save save – since you’re starting early you have time to utilize coupons and sales! I was able to buy MD a mattress pad during Black Friday usually priced $65 sale $35! Bonus! I use Bed Bath and Beyonds 20% coupon once a month for various things like a new pillow, that expensive table mirror, and Poopurri (oh yes send that, at for the first few months they’ll worry about it).  Plus you can scrounge around clearance shelves in August when college students have already torn thru everything to grab XL sheets at huge discounts. We got our soft 300 thread count ones for $10!

7. Announcements Announcements Announcements!  That’s right tell everyone you’re collecting things for your college student. Someone has a graduated student who left stuff in the basement that they’d be glad to give away!  We got a three drawer with a hard laminate counter top glued on, a frig, kuerig and a foldaway shelving system for free!

8. Pack it up Babe! Ask friends if they have empty boxes so you can start hoarding them.  I also dropped a box into her room and told her to start putting clothes in as the season was over for clothes  she knew she would want to bring with her.  This way she’s not standing in front of her closet thinking about what she’d want to bring, it would already be packed! Granted we’re not bring winter coats now, but grabbing a prelabelled box is easier!

9. Customize – you’re probably not surprised to hear MD is crafty and has been working on decorations for the front of her drawers, she doesn’t want anyone to see what’s inside.  Actually she found a plastic spray paint to use on the plastic three drawer system to customize the color.  She’s using Stamping Up DSP paper for the fronts of the drawers and we’re putting shelf liners inside so stuff won’t slide all over the place.

10. Organize – find a day to organize all the stuff.  We found these categories helpful – hygiene, decoration, school supplies, bedding, HBA.  Hygiene was more like getting the shower catty items unpacked and arranged and HBA was feminine products, shampoo, etc.  Definitely do this organization with your student cuz if they don’t know where you put stuff Mom/Dad they’re going to get angry and look like a dope in front of their roommate!

Here’s what MD’s gear looks like right now packed and ready to go! Organized, unboxed and labelled!

Well that’s where we are at right now – purchasing!  I’ll show you pictures of our piles and what we’ve been doing to creatively pack her up 30 days in advance.  Hope this helps you to release some of the stress the college process brings.  Hang in there!

Have a Magical Day!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. booptique
    Aug 11, 2017 @ 09:10:38

    Why am I Not surprized! You are too organized! Hey–I have something that might be handy (since you announced it–). And it is a crafty project–2 of your favorite things!https:
    I have the wood already cut for it and I have the foam topper. Let me know if you want it. (I cut too many!)

    • lalacraftworld
      Aug 11, 2017 @ 09:29:03

      Betty – YES! Let me connect with you on the 23rd to get it from you! Love that idea!! I did talk her into bringing her bungie chair since it folds up, but these are perfect for guests.
      Thank you.

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