Mission Inspiration : January 2016

Mike Deakin has posted another Mission Inspiration and now its monthly!

Mike posted the mission here


Heres my creation


I have to say I do not like this page. I’m not sure why but it’s not my favorite.  I think I was forcing it to be a Valentine page instead of really letting the inspiration guide me.  A lesson I’m learning with each mission.  The other lesson I’m learning is that it’s OK to not like the page you created.  Some pages are going to be amazing and some pages are crappy, but at least I created and had inspiration putting it on the page!  That’s the success.

So now you have been given the Mission Inspiration for January! Go Create!

Have a Magical day!



Tim Holtz Tag – January 2016

I am SO happy that Tim Holtz has decided to continue his Tag series!

Here’s Tim’s tag for this month


Tim’s theme this month is all about remix, taking something from the past and updating, reusing, recreating it to something else.

So here’s what I created


Thinking about remixing, led me to my 2016 resolution to recreate myself specifically my health.  Do Christmas I got a recumbent bike and have been working hard to bike three times a week.

Using Basic black acrylic paint, I painted a tag, them using the Stampin up Feeling Sentimental stamp set I heat embossed the bike in white powder.  Then stamped a crackle stamp with white craft ink.  I applied metal tape to the tag and the dry embossed with the Stampin up Alphabet folder, then covered it with black paint, wiping away the excess.  I heat embossed the Sentiment which is from the Stampin Up Remember This set with pewter powder.  Using my Corner Cromper I rounder the edges and punched two holes to clip into the tag.  Then I edged the entire thing using a Faber Castel Black Pitt pen.

I have to say I really like this tag. I like the contrast of silver and black.  I think it really encourages me to stay focused on my goal to be healthy this year!

I hope you try your hand at Tim’s tags this year and be inspired.

Have a Magical day!




Mixed Media Morsel Technique #3

Here we are Cat Hand’s Mixed Media Morsel Technique #3 – Alcohol Background

Now this technique requires acrylic paint, rubbing alcohol with a high percentage, a water spray bottle and a dropper.

So to start paint a light color as a base and dry.  Pour some alcohol into a container so you have it ready to drop it.  Then mix a darker paint with a lot of water.  Quickly paint this color on top and then drop one drop onto the wet paint and all over the page.  The acrylic paint will be repelled by the alcohol and create beautiful rings.  Let dry and repeat again with two other colors.

The importance things to remember is that the wet paint must be really liquid, the colors of the paint must be light base and dark top and the alcohol you use must be a very high percentage as previously mentioned.


First I started with a yellow base with green as a top coat.  Then I used light blue and dark blue specifically to create an underwater scene.  Not exactly sure what I’m going to do but I really like the look of this page.

So pick up your paintbrush and grab some alcohol and watch these amazing rings appear!

Have a Magical day!


Mixed Media Morsel Technique #2

Here’s another Cat Hand’s Moxed Media Morsel Technique #2 collage background.


Well I have to say I was scared of this technique.  I’m not very good with color combinations and I don’t quite understand collaging.  So I took out a fall leaf napkin, a Halloween napkin, red paper and ripped pages from an old book.  Using Gel Medium I glued pieces down all over the page.  I realized I had glued down the world CRAZY from the black Halloween napkins and felt I had to outline the word with a white Unibal pen.  After I realized it would be fun to put down all types of words that I felt while making this page.  I doodled the frame edges with black marker and the Unibal white pen and then drew out the large T.

So even though I was very scared of this technique I found it FUN!  Although the pieces all over freak my organized mind out, I really love how it looks.  Now I challenge you to grab hold of this technique and see if you can challenge yourself

Have a Magical day!


Mixed Media Morsel Technique #1

If you haven’t seen Cat Hand’s video on her Mixed Media Morsel technique check her out on YouTube.  She’s challenged everyone to do techniques and this first one is plastic wrap!

The Plastic wrap technique is VERY fun actually!  Take a few of your favorite colors, paint them down on your page and then cover he page with plastic wrap and squeeze the plastic around so you have mountains and valleys and wrinkles in the paint.  Let dry for a good 24 hours.


I use Basic acrylic paint and mixed red and yellow with hopes that it would mix to orange.  I love this technique. Be aware that the plastic wrap will make the drying paint shiny.  I love how this background came out.  A great start for something  powerful!

Check out Cat Hand’s videos and challenge yourself to do her background techniques.  A great way to build inspiration!  Let me know what you come up with and be sure to post pictures on Cat Hands page.

Have a Magical Day!



#Listersgottalist #3

Heres another Listersgottalist page for you.  Today’s theme is My Big 2016 Goals.


My goals this year are simple.

1 – Have a vegetable garden – usually we’re too busy, but this year I really want the girls to see how we can be sustainable and contribute to our family. Plus eating healthier!  I’m thinking tomatoes and squash.  Fingers crossed!

2 – Exercise.  For Christmas I got an amazing recumbent bike.  MD and I have been biking almost an hour every day!  Fingers crossed!

3 – Spend more time with family and friends.  I sacrifice time with both for work and Girl Scout stuff.  MD is going to be home for only 1 more year before heading out to college so I need to make the most of this time.  Friends are so important especially as an adult, make time for them and yourself!

4 – Mail my cards – seriously! I make them, address the envelopes but don’t mail them and my husband is a MAIL MAN! IDK!

5 – Time Management I think everyone who crafts can understand that!

So I’ve got a good list and I’ve made a page to commit myself to it! Fingers crossed!

What are your goals?

Have a Magical day!


#Listersgottalist #2

Its another Listersgottalist challenge, the theme is ‘What my life currently looks like’.

So when I looked at this list challenge all I could think of the weather right now in Massachusettes.  It’s almost Winter here and very very cold, that means the snow is coming!  So I thought I’d make a page all about snow.


I LOVE LOVE this page!  For Christmas I got some Golden Medium Gel so I had to use it.  When you put Gel Medium down on top of paper it makes it a non porous surface which it means you can put inks on top of it and move them around before they dry.  I love using my Ranger Let It Snow stencil and outlining the snowflakes with the Island Indigo marker.  The two adorable penguins are from Stampin Up’s Snow Place and fit perfectly in this Winter Wonderland.

Hopefully we won’t get too much snow this year, but I’m preping my emergency kit now!

Tell me what your life currently look like?  Have a Magical day!


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