Girl Scouts can Knot wait to camp!

As some of you may know I lead a Girl Scouts Teenage Camping competition team called BOROTREC for teenagers from two cities.

In the month of April we focused on tying Knots, which is a session in the competition.  Our 2 divisions tie 6 different knots, the first division tie knots relevant to camping (bowline, clovehitch, tautline) and the division 2 tie knots related more to climbing and boating (prusik, sheetbend, figure 8 loop).

I have to brag about how awesome the team did.  Considering they learned 6 knots in 2 hours, they were confidence enough to pick one they believe they could do flawlessly and then mock compete.  So we had them do a relay race, similar to what would happen during comeptition.

The first heat they did in 1 min 35 seconds!  The second and third heats they did over 3 mins. Seriously they did great. Can’t wait to see how they do during competition.

So if you’re interested in trying a new skill, look these knots up using

Have a Magical day!




Girl Scouts try their Indian side

Hey everyone!

My Girl Scout troop is always surprising me at how willing they are to try new adventures.  We we were at Disney in Feb they tried venison, pork rulade and pomegranate seeds – all things they had never had before and enjoyed it.  They told me they would be interested in trying more new things.

So on for one meeting I took them on a Mystery Destination which brought us to India!  Well a local Indian restaurant Apna Punjab.  The manager Jay was amazing and educated us on Indian culture.  He blind served us some amazing foods which we discussed by color.

First we started off with Mango Lassi which was amazing!  Kind of like a mango milkshake.

Here’s a sampling of the dishes.

Here’s the scouts after with their bellies very full!

All agreed the garlic Naan and onion honey naan were amazing. Everyone had their favorite dishes and took some home.  Here’s what we had – coconut fish curry, Shrimp curry, pistachio chicken, chicken tiki marsala and Lamb.  So yummy!

Next meeting we’re going Arabian and trying Shwarma!

Check out your local Indian restaurant and try something new!  Have a Magical Day!


Happy Birthday Mom!

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re making the most of this season and all the beautiful flower colors!

With Spring it beings my wonderful Mother’s birthday!  She’s always been an inspiration.

Her birthday falls on rather a very busy day, MD’s Senior prom, so I knew I needed to send her a birthday card incase I forgot!

Well I found this adorable card on Pinterest and knew I could give it a razzle dazzle.

My Mom loves the color purple, so I reached for Wisteria Wonder and Elegant Eggplant inks along with my Stampin up Flower Blossom stamp set.  Here’s the card I came up with!

Love how simple this card is and I really like this curvy script.  Definitely a card I’ll be able to mass produce with different colors!

Hope you all have a Magical day!





Blessed to be a Girl Scout

I know I talk about Girl Scouts a lot, but I can’t tell you how blessed I am to be a Girl Scout leader and have amazing friends in this community.

After coming back from Sr Conference, the GS leader I went with who does both TREC amd Snowflake camping, text me saying a Boy Scout master was giving her 7 camp tables and did I want 2 for TREC? YES! of course the question of price came up since our TREC budget is very tight with 11 scouts and 4 adults.  The scoutmaster answer – FREE!! As long as they’re going to be used we could have them.

I know you can’t see me jumping up and down, but trust me I am! So amazing to have this gift. Tables we can prep our food on at camp is such a space saver when you have so many scouts at the tables.  Here’s what the tables look like and the carrying case.

Looks sturdy and so easy to put up. Now I just need to find a lantern pole and we are set!  I’m not going to put my coleman stove on it, since my stove is a Coleman pop up on wheels and doesn’t need a table.

Now the snow needs to melt and the rain needs to stop so we can use it!  I’m working on the thank you card now!

Have you been fortunate enough to to receive something for free from a friend that has made you this excited?

Have a Magical Day!


Girl Scout Senior Conference

I’m fortunate enough to have a Girl Scout who is old enough to attend the Girl Scout Senior Conference at Salve Regina College.  The theme this year is Global Connectivity.

We strated the weekend with a flag ceremony.  Here’s MD carrying our troop flag in.

They had an amazing African band and MD got pulled up to get her groove on the drums.

Such an amazing experience for young women.  We talked about how we can fight against gender violence, and using pronouns to define ourselves.  Later today I’m attending a theater game workshop and listening to Heifer and Unicef!

MD joined the chorus group so she could sing during closing ceremony.

The crowns symbolize the pink hats women and men wore during the women’s March on DC.

The final event of the conference is when all High School seniors join a circle with their leaders to send them off to adulthood. It’s very emotional and of course we cried!

Can’t say enough about how proud I am of MD and wish her so much success in which ever college she attends towards her career in nursing!

Have a Magic day!



Getting our Disney on with GS and T1D

So with much excitement and lots of stress and tears my Girl Scout troop is going to Disney again!

This year I’m taking 4 scouts and another adult with me to Disney for a quick 4 day vacation.  All 4 scouts are HUGE Disney fans so it’s sure to be a lot of fun.  Each scout picked a park and was tasked with planning the entire day at the park including what rides we go on and what snacks we eat.  We had already booked our reservations so they didn’t have to worry about that.

To say we had fun would be an understatement.  Who doesn’t enjoy a few days in Disney!  For something even more special for this trip, I decided to make pins to award each scout for their bridging from Cadette to Senior and for MD aging out of Girl Scouts.  I made each one themed for each scouts favorite character.  I can’t wait to present each one to the scout on her park day!

This trip was even more of an adventure because it was the first trip for J with her TSlim diabetic pump! We wanted to make sure we were fully prepared so I grabbed our spare blood sugar monitor with lancets and testing strips (bottom left), enough supplies for a full pump change out (top) and glucose tabs(on right). Can’t leave home without glucose tabs.  So here’s everything I brought in my J T1D kit.


Believe it or not but it all fit in this adorable pouch!


The other thing that was new is trip, I had read some reviews about a product that could keep insulin cool without being too bulky or freeze everything’s else in your bag!  Since we would be going right from the airport to the park getting to our hotel room around midnight, we’d need to keep a vial of insulin cold for at least 18 hours.  So I ordered the FRIO Cooling Product


It’s this ingenious product where there’s a packet with beads inside that you soak for ten mins.  Then there’s a chemical reaction that makes the beads cool, you put the packet inside the pouch along with your insulin pens or vials and there you go cool insulin!

I wrapped the pens and insulin vial in a ziplock bag


and here’s how big the pouch was with the pens and cool packet inside.  Not that bad!


These pouches come in all sizes and the prices were too bad.  I see lots of uses besides insulin and not just medical.  Well I’ll post more each day about our trip.

Have a Magical day!


Are you Outdoorsy? Well why not?

As most of you know I love being involved with Girl Scouts and recently I had the chance to be involved in TREC, which is a camping competition for older scouts in middle and high school.  Teens Reaching Extraordinary Challenges!

Our team incorporated 4 scouts between 2 cities in grades 8 -12 who met during the summer to learn fire building skills, using a hand saw, packing a backpack, setting up a camp site and team building skills.  We had a lot to learn and teach but we had lots of fun.  Most of the girls had never used a hand saw before, a few had started a fire before, but this was a competition.

So the competition was in October and we were ready!  Well who would have thought it would be the worst cold rainy weekend in October! YUP!  Here’s some pictures

2016-clothes-around-dining   This is what our dining are looked like after the first night of torrential downpour – everyone had multiple items soaking wet.  We strung clothes line around the dining area in hopes it would dry.





2016-tents-in-the-floodHere’s what our tents looked like the next morning.  When we put our tents up that night there wasn’t a dry spot to be found so we knew in the AM we’d be in trouble.  Thankfully we were properly trained (thank you Ms. Marianne) on how to put a footprint – which is the tarp under your tent – down before we put up our tents so no one’s clothes were wet inside!

Being cold now that’s another topic.  We were fortunate enough to borrow these tents which were all exactly the same, however they were summer tents.  So when the temperatures that night went down to 38 degrees the silky nylon did not hold back it’s piercing coldness.  Unfortunately we did not prepare enough for this cold weather!  We definitely learned we should have had fleece pants, wool socks and gloves.








Here’s MD and a scout during the saw competition!








Here’s MD’s lashing which should have won first place!







Here’s the Chicken Veggie Stew which won us 2nd place in the cooking competition for your division.  It was delish!  Chicken thighs, veggies, potatoes slow cooked over coals in a dutch oven!







Here’s the team showing off their Pokémon Patrol team flag which our Second place red ribbon!  They had such a great time!







The biggest thing I heard after this event was how much fun they had, friendships they build and confidence they gained by this experience.  Such a great experience for all of us. The team can’t wait to start prepping for next years competition!

So why did I show you all this – to encourage you to try something different this year! We knew about camping, but this event was something different and new for us!

Have a Magical Day!



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